Some good friends and close relatives will vote (or have voted already) for Donald Trump for one reason–judicial appointments that are perceived to be “conservative.” I have a dissenting opinion, but I respect their decisions.

I favor nuclear disarmament in the Senate. A 60-vote threshold encourages more bi-partisanship and less rancorous see-sawing. Today’s politics is a way to grab and hold power rather than a way to achieve national unity.

A sensible and centered Supreme Court is one of our best assets. Moves far to the left or far right weaken our national fabric. My great civic hope and confidence is that the judiciary will survive this era of polarized politics.

The Constitution designed the U.S. Supreme Court to be independent of the president that appoints the justices. Earl Warren and Frank Johnson were republicans appointed by Eisenhower. Harry Blackmun was a republican appointed by Nixon. Franklin Roosevelt’s first appointee, Hugo Black, a democrat, had a long, mixed record (to say the least).

Sadly, the death of Justice Ginsburg has ramped partisan campaigning and fundraising. She is the first woman to lie in state at the U.S. Capitol.

From “R.I.P., R.B.G. What’s Next?” by Lisa Lerer, New York Times, September 21, 2020 (photo of her seat at the Supreme Court, draped in black, by Getty Images)

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