A prophetic critique

I began this blog to engage our family’s next generation around some timely issues. It’s important for young and old to listen to each other. Our son Rob sent a text message that quoted the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“Administration officials at the University of Alabama reportedly have ordered the school’s professors to keep quiet about the coronavirus amid an outbreak that infected more than (1000) students during the first week of classes.

“Faculty in multiple departments said they received emails this week telling them not to discuss the situation in classrooms and to keep students in the dark if they became aware of anyone contracting the virus, according to an exclusive report by The Daily Beast.”

A prophet speaks hard truth about the direction of society, often exposing unintended consequences. Rob added a brief interpretive comment:

“Your alma mater is now a bio weapon. Roll Tide. Makes me wonder if other schools are doing the same.”

The university said its concern was to protect the health privacy rights of individual students. Nevertheless, Rob’s prophetic critique invites a larger conversation about issues of institutional responsibility.

Another 481 COVID-19 cases found at University of Alabama,” by Kim Chandler, Associated Press

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