Will and Noonan

George Will, a conservative and former republican, wrote a July 29 Washington Post opinion column, “Biden’s election will end national nightmare 2.0.” Will wrote: “One of Biden’s closest confidents … says … Biden was initially ambivalent about seeking the 2020 nomination but ‘Charlottesville put him over the edge.’ The confidant refers to the violence provoked by the August 2017 anti-Semitic demonstrators, and to President Trump’s assessment that there were ‘very fine people on both sides.'”

Charlottesville was a turning point for me, prompting me to post on Facebook a photo of Mike Pence alongside the Presidential Seal, with a two word commentary: “I’m ready.”

Peggy Noonan a conservative and former speechwriter for Ronald Reagan (1911-2004) is still a republican–though she has distanced herself from President Trump. In a July 30 Wall Street Journal opinion column, “Burn the Republican Party Down?” she wrote: “When the Trump experience is over, the Republican Party will have to be rebuilt. It will have to begin with tens of millions of voters who previously supported Mr. Trump. It will have to decide where it stands, its reason for being. It won’t be enough to repeat old mantras or formulations…. It’s 2020. We’re a different country.”

I agree with Noonan that “The Democratic Party needs the Republican Party, needs to restrain its excesses and repair what it does that proves injurious. The Republicans need the Democrats, too, for the same reasons.”

“History of Bipartisanship,” from the Bipartisan Policy Center

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