How you look at it

One of my happy memories is sitting with my dad on the steps from the driveway into our kitchen in the cool of the day. It was a good place to reflect on the unfolding drama of the Universe.

My dad would occasionally respond to an event, a comment, or a situation by saying, “It depends on how you look at it.” He sought to understand–by trying to look at things from the perspective of “the other guy.”

Our world yearns for certainty, and there are times I would like a stronger dose of that myself. But there’s also grace in uncertainty, in withholding judgment, of allowing some things to be held in abeyance.

In his daily meditation for July 12, Richard Rohr encouraged “a strong tolerance for ambiguity, an ability to allow, forgive, and contain a certain degree of anxiety, and a willingness to not know—and not even need to know. This is how we allow and encounter Mystery.

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