Faith: science over politics

A sizable portion of the population believes there is a divide between faith and science. Some pastors and congregations have defied recent stay-at-home orders by holding large gatherings for worship, believing that God will protect them from this or any other virus.

Some of those who do not draw a sharp distinction between faith and science are troubled by government intrusion in matters of worship. In California, 1,200 or more pastors plan to defy stay-at-home orders and hold worship services on Sunday, May 31. I believe in freedom of religion and I believe the government has a duty to protect community health. This is a good case study for a class on constitutional law.

Some faith leaders (wisely, in my opinion) see this not as a question of faith vs. science, but rather science vs. politics. I want to be part of a faith community that listens to the best wisdom of medical science rather than what is politically popular at the moment. We need congregations to set a science-based example for the larger community, even if political leaders choose not to set good examples.

From the Washington Post, “Reopening guidance for churches delayed after White House and CDC disagree”

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