Brother Francis

Our gravel, sloped driveway forks to form a circular loop. If you bear to the right, the slope is steeper. If you bear to the left, there’s less chance your vehicle tires will spin in the loose gravel. Most drivers bear to the right.

At a thrift store several years ago I saw a metal sign pointing to the left with the message, “This Way.” British, perhaps. I realized it would be a good driveway directional sign.

Not being one to rush into things, the sign has been in our basement for several years. I’ve kept it dusted, always reminding myself to fasten it to the tree that stands sentry over the driveway.

A few days ago I realized that our small statue of Francis of Assisi (1181-1226) and the arrow were made for each other. So now, Brother Francis stands in front of the tree, greeting friends and delivery truck drivers.

So far, everyone has gone to the right anyway. That’s okay. It took me awhile to figure it out, too.

2 thoughts on “Brother Francis”

  1. Richard Rohr’s daily entries regarding Saint Francis have really been good. The summary today really hit me with Wednesday’s in particular.


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