2020: Clarity for all

Sometimes I repeat myself. Rather than apologize, I see it as a mark of consistency. My March 6 post, “With malice toward none,” concluded with a quote from Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address.

It seemed too familiar, so a scroll through the blog archive revealed that my November 2 post was, “With malice toward none.” I changed the November 2 title to “Rules of Engagement.”

Today’s theme was inspired by Lincoln’s “…with charity for all,” His twin concepts (no malice/much charity) continue to set a high bar for a president, a nation, for everyone.

In this tumultuous 2020, I paraphrase Lincoln to offer a prayer, a mantra, or a raison d’etre: “Clarity for all.” We always need charity (a Lincoln era word for love/grace). Today, we have a particular, urgent need for clarity.

In a pandemic, numbers can provide clarity. Coronavirus hospitalizations in New York City (March 21-27) were 1,450 on Saturday; 1,800 on Sunday; 2,213 on Monday; 2,850 on Tuesday; 3,922 on Wednesday; 4,720 on Thursday; 5,250 on Friday.

The Washington Post provides a free coronavirus newsletter with links to related articles at no cost. One Denver TV station provided a much-needed moment of charity, even as it sought to convey clarity.

Wynn, a service dog in training, with her puppy raiser, an ER physician at the Rose Medical Center in Denver (photo, article and video from KDVR-TV)

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