2020: It is well

Hard times bring out the best of human nature. Kious Kelly, a 48-year-old emergency room nurse at New York’s Mount Sinai West, died from the coronavirus. Today there are many healthcare heroes working valiantly under difficult and dangerous circumstances.

Hard times can make us ask, “Why?” When people lose hope in human institutions, apocalyptic religion flourishes. In an email yesterday, a friend who lives 900+ miles away wrote this about the virus: “What bothers me most is when people say this is an act of God.  This is not God.” In our need to explain bizarre or tragic events, sometimes God gets a bum rap.

I believe our need to assign a cause comes from our need to feel that we (or someone or something) is in control. This pandemic reminds me that I’m not in control and it exposes as a futile illusion my need to feel in control.

In 2020, we’re making major changes in the way we live. In the next few posts, I’ll share some reflections about adjustments small and large, cancelled events, the pandemic’s stress on our economy and our political fault lines, and recent stock market gyrations.

Enjoy this unforgettable rendition of “It Is Well with My Soul,” by a group of Nashville studio singers, digitally assembled amid social distancing.

From WSMV, Nashville, linked above

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