This could save your life

We need a more serious “buy-in” for the steps to keep us from replicating Italy’s devastation. We can beat this coronavirus. The past two days have seen a drop in Italian deaths, Yesterday, 601 coronavirus deaths were reported in Italy. It’s a sign of hope in Italy’s exhausting struggle.

Reddit has provided a visual, moving graph by Johns Hopkins and the BBC that shows the rise and (in some nations) the decline of the coronavirus. It demonstrates the difference concerted action can make.

New York Times reporter Donald G. McNeil, Jr. interviewed a dozen experts in controlling infectious disease epidemics. “The Virus Can Be Stopped, but Only With Harsh Steps, Experts Say.

McNeil reports that what works is “intelligent, rapidly adaptive work by health officials, and near-total cooperation from the populace. Containment becomes realistic only when Americans realize that working together is the only way to protect themselves and their loved ones.”

Click here for a brief, practical, “If you feel sick and are worried about the coronavirus” article from the Washington Post.

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