A few weeks ago I mentioned Joe Elmore’s weekly GRACEWORD. Today, I’m passing along this week’s GRACEWORD from my friend of 47 years, which is about Politics. To be added to Joe’s Thursday emails, contact him at:

Grace and peace!

Are we (am I), by attitudes, words, or actions, contributing
to the present fear, separation, and political stalemate
that is dishonoring and crippling our country? 

Let’s begin where immediate change can happen:

I will not speak words that judge or condemn any person
or group of persons.

I will honestly seek to understand why other persons
think and act as they do.

I will make a sincere effort to honor each person I encounter.  I will be kind in all my relationships. 

I will vote for persons who hold the values and have the
leadership skills that are needed at this critical time in history.

I will maintain a global perspective, not simply what is good
for this nation, but what is good for the world community. 

Thank you for listening!


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