Community is where we practice freedom. Our tempting illusion is that if we could “fix” those around us, our problems would go away. How might your day be different if you viewed the most troublesome thorns in your flesh as treasures? Congress, perhaps? If you want a “sea change” in your life, view community as a gift or a playground, not a problem or a burden.

Community is us, not them. Thus, the desire to fight becomes a respectful pursuit of what is right. The urge to flee becomes contentment with “the things we cannot change.” In Divine Therapy and Addiction (pp. 63-64), Thomas Keating (1923-2018) provides insight into the Serenity Prayer:

“Humility is the capacity to accept whatever happens, peacefully. Then you can decide whether God is calling you simply to accept the situation, or to do something to improve or correct it. Humility … puts one in tune with the universe and with whatever is happening in the present moment, whether to oneself or others.”

Alienation, and the violence that may accompany it, is rooted in feeling powerless, disconnected from community. True freedom gives one the power to connect, to create. Where isolation and powerlessness abound, community is an undervalued faith theme.

Tomorrow: Cosmos.

At his 38th annual Town Hall with Emory students, Jimmy Carter advocated US leadership in “peace, human rights, environmental quality, and treating everybody the same.”

2 thoughts on “Community”

  1. Respect. I found a new way to help people since our government is keeping it a secret. I am trying to spread the word. I think you will see my comment feeds the thought on Community. I am hoping since you have so many contacts, you can help the cause.

    People are leaving money in accounts then they move away, or they pass. Or possibly the address is incorrect. Checks are never forwarded, they are returned to sender. After 3 or 4 years, companies or banks turn these assets over to the state’s treasury department. Each state is making millions of dollars in interest. Politicians use this money for their pet projects which they boost about that they found this money to use, not really naming the source. The owners or heirs of the assets if they ever claim it , will only receive the principal amount-no interest.

    I use multiple sources to track down money for strangers then I mail them a letter telling them about the money. If the person is still alive in their 80’s, then I look for their adult offspring who can appreciate the found money. There is just an application to send in to the state’s treasury department to claim the money.

    A person can check for themselves, family members, even neighbors or strangers.

    The sites:


    1. Mingysun, thank you for sharing this. I’ve been on the road this week and I overlooked your comment. I apologize for the delay in getting it posted. You’ve found a practical way to use your experience and expertise to help people.


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