A healthy faith frees a person to be true to one’s self, to be the best one can be, and to exercise one’s gifts in freedom. A healthy freedom steers a person toward humble self-confidence and away from hubris or insecurity. A healthy faith creates a healthy freedom.

A healthy freedom keeps a person looking forward, not looking backward in guilt, self-doubt or dependence on the internalized voice of others. Freedom is an essential faith theme in this “complex and ambiguous world, in which addiction is the number-one health issue and victimization is the universal experience.” (Easum and Bandy, p. 49.)

Yesterday, Richard Rohr introduced a two-week focus on addiction, which takes many forms and may be our greatest hindrance to freedom. Rohr writes: “Human beings are addictive by nature. … Substance addictions like alcohol and drugs are merely the most visible form of addiction, but actually we are all addicted to our own habitual way of thinking and doing.”

Freedom is an undervalued faith theme because there are so many forces in our psyche and in our world that seek to devalue faith by controlling us.

Tomorrow: Responsibility.

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