Two perspectives

Ted: “Reba, why are you chewing on the tub?”
Reba: “What were all these things doing inside my chew toy?”
Ted: “Sorry, Reba. I’m putting the tub out of reach.”
Reba: “I need something to chew on.”

When off duty, Reba is an energetic, sometimes mischievous pup. Reba has better manners when wearing her service-dog-in-training vest.

To highlight the need for service dogs for veterans, WVTM’s Jeff Eliasoph wanted to interview Christine McDonald, a military veteran and volunteer puppy raiser along with Rudy, her service-dog-in-training.

Due to scheduling issues, Rudy’s litter-mate Reba substituted for brother Rudy. So, Reba was featured on Jeff’s Facebook live feed, along with with Amy Steenwyk, who is co-raising Reba with my wife, Cathey.

Later that day, Jeff did an interview for broadcast with Christine and Reba.

On duty, Reba gives her full attention to her friend Christine

3 thoughts on “Two perspectives”

  1. A service dog is truly a special breed! When the neighbor had a service dog for a maybe 2 months, when he was unable to walk him, I volunteered to walk Larry twice a day for 3 weeks. Never barked. Followed commands. After my friend disclosed he had other people walk Larry, the dog was reassigned duties to another vet.


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